Scapula Music

Scapula - Vertonung des Gedichts "Phoenix aus der Asche"

Scapula - Unleashed Destiny

Scapula - The Call

Scapula - Strong

Scapula - Mana

Scapula - New Flow

Scapula - Cristal Mind

Scapula - Phoenix aus der Asche

Scapula - Welcome to my world

Scapula - People

Scapula - Tribe

Scapula - Project Life

Scapula - We fly to the moon

Scapula - Ich danke Dir

Scapula - Personality

Scapula - Who am I?

Scapula - All these words

Saruh and Scapula - The Sun Appears (Live Session)

Scapula - Wisdom

Scapula - Afterlife

Scapula - Wicked Game (Original by Chris Isaak)

Scapula - Fading Memories

Scapula - City Lights

Scapula - Connected (Premaster)

John Wayne Gacy Jr. - Sufjan Stevens (Cover by Scapula) (Premaster)

Scapula - I will stay

Song by Scapula

Headless Minds - We will be gone

Scapulas side project "Headless Minds"

Scapula - Separated (Official Video)

Written & produced by Scapula
Guitar played by Volker Bergmann
Recorded at Deutsche Pop Bremen
Mixed by newbreaks
Videography by Anymotion

Scapula - Where is Myself?

Where is myself? And how can I find it?

Song by Scapula

Scapula - Another Name

Song by Scapula

Scapula - Another Name at ''Die Komplette Palette''

Song by Scapula

Scapula - Separated (Studio Version)

My song ''separated'' is now recorded in studio :)

mixed and recorded by: Ramek Williams
Guitar: Volker Bergmann
Foto: Crelm

Hört doch mal zu - Saruh & Scapula

Hört doch mal zu wenn euer Herz euch was erzählt

Guitar: Saruh
Vocals and Lyrics: Scapula

Marilyn Manson - Third Day of a Seven Day Binge (acoustic cover)

This is a romantic cover of a Marilyn Manson Song.

Guitar: Saruh
Voice: Scapula

Scapula - No more Fear

With this song I want to share my experiences with extremly bad and dangerous dreams. Now they are gone but what stays is the possibility of lucid dreaming.

Scapula - Together We Break Through the Wall

a song, written by myself, made for a very special friend who shares my love to Pink Floyd